Photo Gallery

Two-story red country store in the winter time
Green and white sign for President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site surrounded by snow-covered ground and bare trees
Small, rustic wood Vermont Country Kissing Bridge in the winter surrounded by snow and trees
Wood covered bridge with green roof in the fall surrounded by trees with vibrant fall foliage
Dining table set with fresh flowers, fruit, scone, juice, lemon water and coffee cup
Syrup being poured on baked breakfast with sliced bacon and orange slices
Beautiful small waterfall and pond surrounded by rocks, plants and flowers
Gorgeous lush green trees, flowering white tree and two vibrant pink flowering trees
Man wearing cross-country skis on a snowy lane overlooking miles of snow-covered hilly terrain and blue skies
Stunning aerial view of miles of snow-capped, tree-topped hills amidst blue skies
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