St. Johnsbury – Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium

Inside of a large museum fully decorated with dark brown wood displaying artifactsThe Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium is much more than Northern New England’s museum of natural history — it is a place to marvel at the wonders of our world. Perfect for families and visitors of all ages, the Fairbanks Museum invites you to explore your universe.

The Museum holds over 175,000 objects from an eclectic permanent collection, including natural science specimens, historical artifacts, archival photographs and documents, and ethnological treasures.  Changing and long-term exhibits focus on aspects of culture, art and technology relating to the history, traditions and landscape of the Great Northern Forest.

The Museum is home to the only public planetarium in Vermont, where you can explore the cosmos, guided by one of our astronomy experts.

Meteorologists Mark Breen, Steve Maleski and Chris Bouchard prepare and broadcast Eye on the Sky weather programs that reach thousands of listeners on Vermont Public Radio and other stations from a studio in the Museum’s weather gallery.

All this is under the graceful arch of a masterpiece of Victorian architecture, the cornerstone of St. Johnsbury’s Historic Main Street district.